Dave McDivitt

I have been a high school social studies teacher for 14 years.  I have been using PC games in my classroom since 2004:  Muzzy Lane’s Making History and The Sims and The InQuizitor.  This blog is about my experience using Comercial Off The Shelf (COTS) games in the educational world.  I do digress from time to time and update readers about my coaching experiences and other various topics.  Email me with any thoughts or questions at davidmc@ohusc.k12.in.us


6 responses to “Dave McDivitt

  1. Hi Dave,

    Interesting stuff you do with MH – two things. You seem to be a strategy buff (like myself) but do you thinkt that strategy games are really the best ones for teaching? Have you ever tried Europa Universalis II (highly complex – CIV go home :-).

    Also, might want to check out a title we are working on, Global Conflicts: Palestine – love your feedback (www.seriousgames.dk).

    Best Regards,

    Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen

  2. Dee Dee (Ramsey) Deakin

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember me? I loved the story on CBS! I couldn’t believe it was you. Had no idea where (Indiana or elsewhere) you ended up… but I wasn’t surprised to see you were teaching. Very happy for you. I think I last saw you right in Carmel for a college internship. YOu were working for a local company for the summer and we had lunch at Burger King! ha

    I settled in Plainfield where I grew up. I just went back to work (Paralegal) at Clarian Med Mal Group. I am adjusting to being back at work and having a busy family. I am very happily married 15 years to Rob Deakin and we have three great kids: 12 Jenna, 10 Mitch and 3 Jessie. My 12 year old is going to church camp this summer and I have told her it is great fun and even at 38 I have fond memories of that carefree time as a kid. I saw the picture of your family… did you marry Beth? It has been many years so I couldn’t tell. I see you have three beautiful little girls! Best of luck! So proud to see my preteen first chrush is acomplished and happy! – Dee Dee

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  4. Dave, what age group do you think Making History is most effective for? We are considering introducing the game in our college.
    Quentin Lydall

  5. Was just wondering whether you’ve done any tests on the effectiveness of using games in the ways you describe here?
    I am working on an initiative in the UK in which children are testing the effects of games on their fitness, coordination and emotional state.

    You can see a film about the scheme here:


    Would be interested to get your thoughts.


    Matt Thurling, Founder, science.TV

  6. Hello David,

    Thank you for your great blog! It is mentioned on p. 55 in the “special report” I wrote for this month’s American School Board Journal, published by NSBA. The reference is to Muzzy Lane’s “Making History” game. Could you reply to me with a snail mail address that the NSBA staff could use to send you a copy of the issue?

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