Christmas Break


The first semester is in the books and unfortunately games have been few and far between.  But here are some of the activities I have been up to in the classroom.

AP World History:  I have been trying to teach sophomores to think.  Yes I know that this challenge is one that society has been struggling with for years…..hence the definition of sophomoric…..but I do try.  AP has been a lot of fun for me to teach.  I do enjoy a room that is full of students who want to succeed.  The abscence of the lethargic student during one period of the day is refreshing.  We have been trying to write essays and practice the styles of essays that the AP Exam asks students to write.  I am pushing them out of their comfort zone….some love it…..some don’t….but I hope all will see the benefits come Spring testing time!

World History: My regular WH classes have been going well.  Two years ago when we started AP history one thing I failed to realize is that when the motivated are removed and put into one class during the day….the remaining classes have a tendency to become less motivated…if that makes sense.  I have not blogged this year with either AP or regular world history.  This mainly comes from the lack of adequate technology….or should I say working order technology.  I have mentioned before that we recently “upgraded” but the bugs have been many and difficult to deal with….so in all honesty I have just avoided the computer lab as much as possible.  We shall see what next semester brings.

Sociology:  This class was interesting.  I had The Breakfast Club in my room…..from #1 in his class to infinity in his class.  It was a challenge!!  However, that class is over at break and we are now heading for a new class.


2 responses to “Christmas Break

  1. Hang in there, Dave!!!

    I sure hope your computer lab gets up and running soon.

  2. Hello Dave,

    I think you should take a look at an online lab safety training program that was developed by the National Institutes of Health.

    The National Institutes of Health, Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) developed a laboratory safety training program called STAR-LITE (Safe Techniques Advance Research – Laboratory Interactive Training Environment). STAR-LITE is an interactive computer-based laboratory safety training program for high school students and undergraduate university students. The program incorporates common features seen in today’s video games, i.e., selection of an individualized character; first-person views; and three-dimensional graphics. The method of instruction integrates visualization of consequences, e.g., slips/trips/falls, inhalation of chemical hazards, spills of biohazardous liquids, development of critical-thinking proficiencies, and application of problem-solving skills. STAR-LITE is available to download and use for free at What are your thoughts about this game?

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