Start of School

We have finsihed our first week of school at Oak Hill High School. It was much like any other year. New kids, new faces but all in all the first week is awesome. I enjoy meeting the new students and finding ways to start making connections to build a solid relationship. One thing I did with my AP students on the first day was assign a two page essay about their observations of the first day of school. (I see them 6th period). The essay on observations was an idea I got from Tim Russert’s book. He addressed the topic when he had a teacher that assinged a similar type essay and one of the lasting impressions that he took away was that there was no right or wrong in obersvations. And like many things in history and observation…..your point of view and perspective has much to do with how you interpret events. The essay assignment was great and reading the essays over the next couple of days I was very excited as to the level of thought and writing my AP students exhibited. We also took 20 minutes or so to set up some classroom blogs. I am going to have them write many things via a blog versus pen and paper. It saves a few trees, is tremendously convienient for me ( I can read and assess from any hot spot in the world, and kids love it. With the tech savvy student, by the way was each one of my AP students, setting up a blog took them less time than it did for me to explain the blog. The speed of their world is different than mine……it is amazing. It has taken me 5 minutes to type this post….a 16 year old could text it in about 18 seconds.

On to our first full week of school which will hold many adventures. We will be building InQuizitor quizzes this week. We will also be starting our football season. This is my 15th year of teaching and coaching and I really feel I have exited the tunnel that seemed to be closing in on me for a few years…..I was getting bored with teaching the same subject for 15 years……to the same type of kid… the same school…..I was approaching middle aged 40 and wondered why I was doing this over and over again. I am not entirely sure I can answer that question but renewal is a wonderful thing and expansion is even better. And I am somewhere between the two.


One response to “Start of School

  1. Hey Dave,

    Can imagine the observation essays must have been interesting to read. I can tell you are really going to enjoy your new AP World History class:)

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