Becoming a better Teacher

I spent the last 10 days becoming a better teacher.  The outcome of what I just did was not my original intention.  The last 10 days my wife and I spent in Italy.  Our goal was simply to have a good time and to visit the sites in and around Rome and Sorrento.  Rome, The Eternal City, is absolutely amazing and as a teacher of World History I can not imagine another individual place on this earth that has more impact on World History than the city of Rome.  We did all the major and most of the minor tourist sites over a 5 day period.  But while there I kept visualizing how I could use all this information in my classes.  From the ancient Roman sites to the amazing art of Michelangelo, Raphael etc… of the Renaissance and some more modern points of interest from Mussolini and WWII.  All of this was fantastic.  It was wonderful and it will make me a better teacher.  But just as interesting I met several teachers from Canada while in Rome.  We shared many good conversations over a pizza and a cold drink, which we normally needed in the hot Roman sun.  But it was eye opening to disucss how Canada educates its children and how the US educates ours.  The discussions that we had have had an impact on me and will continue to do so and I think the Canadian educators feel the same.  We had great talks about Socialism and Capitalism.  We had talks about how, why, and under what circumstances are students allowed to fail.  We discussed testing and learning and many other topics.  But as always it was enlightening to sit and talk with other educators.  Anyway, after leaving the city of Rome we did head to Sorrento for a couple of days.  We spent a day on the island of Capri, which is breath-taking.  The beauty is difficult to express in words.  After our time in Sorrento we headed back to Rome for our flight back to the USA.  It is always good to be home but the Eternal City will call me back.  When, I don’t know for sure but it will.


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