InQuizitor Quiz Game

I wanted to share my first experience of using The InQuizitor with my world history class.  First, designing the quiz.  I asked a student I thought would be interested in designing the quiz to help me.  He was very enthusiastic about doing so.  He made a quiz of 30 questions over 1 chapter of world history.  In those 30 questions he made a few questions for just “fun” but for the most part the questions focused on the material.  So, the first use of the game is the amount of effort and I would certainly say learning that my quiz maker experienced.  Second, the rest of the students who played the game.  Between, guys and girls both seemed to enjoy the game.  I heard quotes like, “this game is awesome even though I don’t know the answers.”  But what continued to happen is that student after student kept taking the quiz over and over again.  Which obviously exposes them to material again and again.  There was a lot of chatter in the room, even some trash talking between students and certainly some competition to see who could get the high score.  I heard jubilant shouts of “Yes, I got it right!”  I also heard collaberation in the room….a student would say outloud….who changed the religion of England……and someone would shout the answer.  Overall, the level of enthusiam was very high.  Of course this is the first time I have used it with entire classes but my first impression is outstanding.  I certainly think using The InQuizitor in the right setting and wth the right frequency in class will be very beneficial. 


2 responses to “InQuizitor Quiz Game

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  2. Whoever this student was, he was no doubt a super genius and good-looking.

    I was surprised at how positive the reaction was to InQuizitor. Of course, I was expecting a good response, but not as much as what actually happened. It was also a fun exercise on making a test, which I think the teachers are MUCH better at.

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