Italy and Austria Student Travel

I have been off the blog for a couple of weeks.  Mainly due to my travels to Italy and Austria.  I, along with 3 other high school teachers, led a group of 44 people to Italy and Austria.  This is the 6th time that I have been a part of a student trip.  As always, the trips are fun, exciting, and yet exhausting.  Group travel is difficult but with a bunch of teenagers is even more demanding.  We keep them as busy as possible because down time is time for them to cause trouble.  Also, I don’t believe that we should spend thousands of dollars to go to Europe and relax in our hotel rooms all day.  We can do that at home.

So, we spent two days in Rome.  Seeing all the major sites that one should see in Rome.  Being a World History teacher, I was thrilled with the opportunity to visit many of the Ancient Roman sites.  It is a time period in history that I have always enjoyed and now seeing a small portion of the remains of Rome was an experience that I will never forget.  I also believe that Rome may have been the favorite place for our students to visit.  Big city, busy streets, lots of shopping and yes even a little history mixed in.  After Rome, we headed to Florence, which was every bit as exciting as a world history teacher.  To see the works of Michelangelo like David was incredible.  We also had a couple of side trips to Assisi and Pisa while in Italy.  Both places worth our time.  Especially Assisi. 

After we finished our time in Italy we headed to Innsbruck, then to Salzburg and we finished in Vienna.  I love all three of these places but Innsbruck and Salzburg we had so little time it was hard to enjoy them.  Vienna on the other hand is always one of my favorite ports of call.  St. Stephen’s Cathedral is fantastic no matter how many times I see it.  I also love the history of the Hapsburg family which is tied to Vienna. 

And of course the food in Europe is worth the trip.  Italy and food……..incredible……I can’t say it any other way.  I also love the fare from Austria.  I have certainly had enough espresso, Kaffe, Latte, Macchiato combos for a month. 

Student travel is a hassle.  It can be an incredible headache.  Kids can misbehave, be disrespectful, be homesick, and whine about the different culture, language, and sleeping arrangements.  But all of that is worth it to hear them speak about the experiences of seeing Europe.  I have traveled with students 6 times and I look forward to number 7.


3 responses to “Italy and Austria Student Travel

  1. Was the language barrier a serious issue? I can’t imagine some of the kids you took with you being able to handle it well at all. Not saying any names…

  2. The language barrier is a very minor issue since so many people in Italy and Austria speak English. Only on rare occasions did students experience difficulty with language.

  3. TravelingGeorge

    I’ve had the same experience in Austria. Most people speak English and are willing to help you.

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