How to use a Quiz Game

Oak Hill High School recently acquired The InQuizitor from 3MRT Software.  The concept of the game is very simple.  So simple that at times people have questioned me as to why would I want to use a quiz game in the high school classroom.  Well my answer has multiple levels:

1.  High school kids like the simple stuff.  I will never stop being surprised by how much 16 year old kids like to color or use stickers.  This is very elementary type stuff but you certainly can argue that kids are motivated by this.  I have two students in class right now that compare the comments they get from me on papers.  They have arguements between themselves about which comment is better “nice work” or “well done”……quiz games are simple but kids love them.  Also, The InQuizitor has a built in reward system…..some simple video game type stuff…..from my generation things like Asteroids or Space Invaders.  But kids love this stuff.  Every person that I have been with while using the InQuizitor has loved the simple shooter games built into the quiz.

2.  Another reason I like the InQuizitor is that building a quiz is very simple.  This is an aspect of the game that I am getting ready to use with some students.  I am going to let them build a quiz or quizzes about our next chapter.  I have students that are excited about the opportunity.  It is certainly nice to see a student be excited about a project……and a project that they WANT to do.  That is really the power of gaming. …motivation.

3.  Quiz games are great because almost all teachers use them already.  It may be “quiz bowl” during football season….It may be Jeopardy or whatever.  But kids do like to show off what they know.  They like the competition and it certainly is a break from the normal routine of school. 

These three reasons explain why I like The InQuizitor.  You can read more and find out more about The InQuizitor from 3MRT software or following the link in the sidebar to We Are Teachers.


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