I’m Back!

After taking some time off from Blogging I feel somewhat refreshed and ready to get back at this a little.  I have a couple of things working right now.  Oak Hill United School Corporation will be getting The InQuizitor.  This game is relatively simple but it’s use has incredible potential.  Unlike games like Making History, the InQuizitor can be used with every unit I teach.  It also can be used in multiple grade levels.  The game is probably best for grades 3 and up.

Also, I am going to do some formal testing with the School of Education from Purdue University on the use of Making History.  If you are a reguar reader of this blog you will probably understand what is going on with this.  I informally did this two years ago and found that game players learned more and with greater depth of understanding than the traditional student.  So now I will have the opportunity to do this formally.  More details will come on this as we get closer to the time of testing.

Finally, below is a list of links that are print articles and video about my use of games in the classroom.  All of these links have appeared in this blog but I have had some requests for them so here they are.  I tried to eliminate the links that had become link rot but I could have missed a couple.  Sorry about that if I did.

















5 responses to “I’m Back!

  1. I missed you so much. Nice recap of the entire blog, by the way.

    We’re actually getting The InQuizitor? Sounds interesting, I wonder how much of a change it’s going to make.

  2. Well Jesse….will it make a major change? Probably not….but will it give teachers an opportunity to do something a little different in their classroom? Yes. Maybe you can help me design a quiz for everyone to take.

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  4. David, I’ve just finished my Master’s thesis where I used Civilization IV and Making History to teach both WWI and WWII. I’d love to send you my results so that you can check them out. As a preview, using Civ IV without lecturing students increased an average of 40 points from pre-test to post-test. Making History had approximately the same overall results. Let me know and I’ll send you a copy of my results.

    Keep up the great job.

  5. David, forgot to leave my email dan.gagnon@cherokee.k12.ga.us

    Take care

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