Obama and Huckabee Win Iowa…does it matter?

During my time as an undergrad I was a Political Science concentration within my education degree.  So I have to say that following this primary season has been entertaining.  All the talk about illegal immigration, the Iraq War, energy prices, and whatever else the stump speeches have been about–the one issue that I have heard very little about is education.  I am a long standing member of the Indiana State Teacher’s Association and the National Education Association.  I have seen both Republican presidents and Democrats.  I have seen both Democratic and Republican Governors of the Great State of Indiana.  There has been one constant message from all of these people.  Education needs to change.  Yet it never does.  Will the candidates running for President of The United States of American really change anything when it comes to education in this round of leadership?  I think not.  President Bush said NCLB would change us…..it hasn’t….unless you count the endless loads of paperwork and mandates that come with it……without funding programs fully.  We still teach  and run schools in much the same manner as before.  Governors have pushed for charter schools.  They said it would force the public schools to get better….you know the competition model of education.  Well, charter schools are on the rise but public schooling has yet to change.  To this point in my career I can honestly say it doesn’t matter if a Democrat or Republican is in charge at the state or federal level when it comes to Education.  Education is still just education.  Something that politicians say they want to improve….yet they never do anything of substance to change it.  A little pessimistic I know but probably more realistic than anything. 


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