EduBlogging Research

Edubloggin Research

Jeff Felix, who is the Superintendant at Bonsall Union School District in Bonsall, California conducted some research on Edublogging while working on his PhD.  I am quoting a portion of an email I recieved from Jeff after his work was completed.  With full disclosure in mind, I was a part of his research group.  I am attaching a short version of his work at the top of this post.

“The study on teachers in the United States who are using blogging as an
instructional practice has finally been completed. The study shows that
teachers perceive a significant increase in student learning through
motivation for assignments and through deeper thought processes. Students
seem to enjoy the connectiveness of their work to other subjects and to each
other. This collaboration encourages a deeper relationship with their peers
and with the teacher. Other studies have shown these relationships produce
more student learning especially in minorities and students of low
socioeconomic backgrounds. It also seems that teachers see the benefits of
this practice. They have increased their use of blogging year after year,
which seems to show they feel blogging has great relevance as a classroom
tool.”  –Jeff Felix December 2007


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