Texting Update

I sent out my first mass text to students today.  The process was fairly simple.  I asked any kid that wanted to sign up for the texting reminders to give me their phone number and their provider.  I then created a group in my email address book.  Each number was entered with its appropriate email address.  For example 1234567890@vtext.com for verizon wireless.  A reader of this blog mentioned the website Twitter.com as a way to do this as well.  I did look into twitter and it certainly looks like an easy way to do this reminder idea.  A kid can sign up on their own and set preferences for their reminders.  They can get a text or an email reminder.  All I would do is log in to Twitter and post a message.  The the student would receive a text or email the choice is theirs.  But for this first round of texting reminders I am going with the email list. 

Today I have a large percent of students gone on a field trip.  So I sent a text to the group to remind them that our world history test is going to be on Tuesday of next week.  Now will any of this have an impact of student performance on the test?  But is that really the issue?  I am not sure how to answer that question.


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