Texting Reminders to Students

Over the past few days I have been working on this idea of texting students reminders of important things.  My idea is to text a message to students the day before a test or when an assignment is entirely a take home assignment.  The later doesn’t happen with a lot of frequency in my class but does from time to time.  So I will not be texting kid for every little thing.  So I sent around a sign up sheet for kids to sign up.  The response was very good.  I had around 48% of my sophomore world history students want the text reminder.  The biggest reason for not signing up………don’t carry a phone.  My plan is to do this all via email.  I can set up a group email, which in all honesty will take me 10-15 minutes to type it all in.  Then when the reminder is to be sent I can write one email and send it to all of them.  Total time in a reminder……less than I have in this post…..probably 30 seconds.

Positives, Negatives and somewhere in between:  I have shared this idea with several teachers in the building.  The positives……a pro technology teacher said “Great idea, can I steal it from you?”  Absolutely you can.  We had a very good discussion about the good and the bad.  A teacher who is less tech friendly thought the idea was horrible.  That teacher said it takes away from the personal responsibility a kid should be developing to remember and complete their work.  That point is valid….although I don’t agree but it is a reasonable thought.  The middle of the road response came from an aid in our building that mentioned the personal responsibility issue but did not approach the entire discussion in a negative manner.  And thought the idea had some merit.  Well, the jury is out but like using games in the classroom I think texting will be viewed the same.  Those that embrace the technology will like the idea….those that don’t…..well they just won’t.  Will it be successful in my room?????? Time will tell.  Oh, and age is not a factor in the three opinions, or at least the way one might think.  The most negative of the group is the youngest of the group…..younger than me (39 yrs).


2 responses to “Texting Reminders to Students

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  2. I thought about doing this and, after showing some teachers how to do at an INSET recently, think it’s a winner. Use Twitter – then you won’t even need their phone numbers… 🙂

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