How do Teachers Use Technology

Well it is the middle of the night here in North Central Indiana.  I have sick children that have been up and I have given up on getting any significant sleep.  So in my early morning surfing of the net I came across this article from the Indy StarIndiana University is going to be doing some major research on how teachers use technology in their classroom and does it work when the do use it.  This news is exciting and I hope that I can at least fill out a survey for this project at some point.  Spending most of my formative years of post secondary education in Bloomington, Indiana I have a fondness for the campus and town.  I know there are many beautiful university settings but IU Bloomington has to rank right up there.  And for the IU Golf Course…..well they don’t get much better.  I spent some wonderful hours learning about self control instead of Environmental Policy on that course.  As a matter of fact my 3 Wood (metal) is probably still laying in the woods somewhere.


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