Time Engineers

Here is another game that I think is worth mentioning.  This game is designed for math and science but in my mind has some great social studies potential as well.  In essence a player travels in time to historical periods and then builds items such as drawbridges, pyramids, and irrigates farm lands.  The focus on math and science here is easy to see but I think the social studies link is worth it.  In my survey of world history course we cover all of this matieral.  We often talk about the technological advances that society makes and what better way to show students than with a game thats focus is the same.  I have had conversation with a representative from this company and I have been told updates are coming that will dovetail much better with history courses.  This one I am excited to see first hand!


wheel.jpg  Screen Shot of Time Engineer


One response to “Time Engineers

  1. Stumbled upon your blog today, and was quite surprised. The subject of using games for education interests me as both a student and a gamer.

    Have you ever seen Real Lives? It’s an amusing little simulator of a randomly generated person’s life. Check it out sometime, at the least it’s a cute diversion.

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