I wanted to share this game with the readers of this blog.  This is a quiz game with a built in reward system for students.  The game is very user friendly and is easy to see the positive uses for classrooms ranging from elementary to high school.  When purchased, the game comes with some preloaded quizzes but more importantly the teacher can make their own quiz for their own class.  So how it works is a student will sit down to play and the more questions they answer correctly and the faster they do it…..they earn more time to play a video game built into the software.  The games are simple but fun to play.  When time runs out then the student goes back to answering questions in the quiz.  The process can go on until time is up or questions are exhausted.  What I have seen to this point is that students will go back to take the same quiz again….answer more questions correctly….and faster…….increasing recall…….so they can play the games for a longer period of time.  I am working on getting this game for Oak Hill.  I will post updates as necessary.

correctanswer_small.jpg Screen Shot of The Inquizitor


4 responses to “InQuizitor

  1. Are you sure this doesn’t promote “memorizing the question” over actually knowing the information?

  2. Jesse

    You are correct that this doesn’t promote higher level thinking. But in education there is a place for this type of skill. Especially at the lower levels of schooling. Your insight, however, is admirable. Nice thinking !!

  3. We had a demonstration of Inquizitor a few weeks and it looks good for our NC Level 4 and 5. However my concern is the speed element of the game. Also it seemed to me that the games would appeal more to boys than girls.

    Today I came across another website with gaming software that was developed for FE students by West Nottinghamshire College

  4. I declare an interest being one of the creators on InQuiztor. The comments above are excellent and I’d like to add something to them. InQuizitor was designed for engagement, confidence building and study. It was not originally designed for ‘higher learning’ but to create confidence amongst children and making study fun. However, that said, as soon as the teaching profession got their hands on the software they turned it into a higher learning tool by asking the children to write and design quizzes to play against each other!! Brilliant!

    As for speed, I’m not sure wheter it is too fast or too slow. The speed set when installed is usually set at medium. This can be altered on a sliding scale on every quiz from very slow (for supported readers, to fast for competitive kids).

    InQuizitor was designed to target 12 to 15 year old boys ….so it was with some surprise that we found in tests that girls enjoyed it equally (although in feedback they requested more pink in the interface!) Some college/university bound high achieving girls aged 16 to 18 asked for the mini games to be switched off so they could concentrate on the academic content. This can be easily be done when setting up the quiz.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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