Teaching and Games

Over the past few weeks I have left my blogging energies somewhere……Actually the end of football season always let me focus more time and energy here.  Since the beginning of the school year I have not had much opportunity to use technology in my classroom.  My building is still under renovation and just recently did they get our main computer lab up and running.  I have yet to utilize it.  But that will all change in the near future.  I have a couple of new opportunites with new games in the classroom coming up in the near future.  I will keep you all posted as to what new things I am up to.   One interesting thing that has been going on is that since my story with Making History appeared on CBS News is that the community that I work in is much more aware of how I use games in education.  I posted the CBS video on youtube and many of my current students have mentioned to me that they  have watched it.  So the excitement for the game already exists and I haven’t said a word about it.  Another thing that I have been up to is I have started posting a audio chapter review as a podcast for kids to go listen to before a chapter test.  This idea although not really that exciting has started to take root with my kids.  I take them through a blog site(not this one) that I set up so I can track traffic to the podcast easier.  Also, I had parent teacher conferences this past week and I shared with every parent the ability for their kid to get the podcast.  Most parents thought that was a great idea and were going to make sure their kids took advantage of it.  So time will tell on how much kids use it but it certainly is not difficult for me to do and even if only a few kids utilize it I will continue to do it. 

As for my use of The Sims…..I had to suspend that for this semester.  I only own one copy of the game that we used to play as an entrie class.  But during the renovation I lost the ability to project the game on to a screen.  I still have the game in my room and a few kids play it from time to time on a laptop and when ever that is going on, there is a general interest in the game.  Just unfortunate circumstances for this semester.  Next time I teach Sociology we will get back into playing The Sims.


One response to “Teaching and Games

  1. I read your story about Making History here http://seriousgamessource.com/features/feature_051606.php and it’s very exciting as a Web developer and soon to be student of interactional multimedia instruction at the UMN. I’m posting something about this somewhere, somehow on our Youthhood site (http://youthhood.org/) for teachers to get on board. Anything to say about gaming for kids with various disabilities? Thx.

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