Tech Additions

I have had to find a project to fill my spare moments of life…..which seem to be few and far between.  But since I have not been gaming in Sociology this semester and playing Making History is still months away in my curriculum I needed to fill my tech void.  So, first I bought a video ipod.  I have been having great fun with that.  I have been putting pictures of my daughters on it.  My wife and I just laugh becuase my oldest two girls will share the headphones and watch the slide show of basically them and their sister.   But the ipod has brought me to podcasting.  My World History text provides audio summaries of each chapter.  I am going to convert them to mp3 format and post them.  Now the real question is not are they useful but is will the students use them?  So what I have done is set up a world history blog site with the link to the podcast.  WordPress will help me track the visits to the site and the “clicks” on the link to the podcast.  I will keep you informed as to it’s progress.  Also, an Earth Space teacher in the building has put together a class page on moodle from Rose Hulman.  He has had it up and running for a couple of weeks now and he has gotten comfortable with the moodle site and how to manipulate it for his Earth Space classes.  Now he is promoting and waiting for kids to use it.  We will see.  I am very interested in that as well.  Will the digital native use the digital content that we are trying to provide or will they be a typical student and say when I go home I don’t do school work?  Time will tell.


One response to “Tech Additions

  1. So you are going to be doing some pod casting are ya?!! Let me know how it works. I have been dying to try it, but the arrival of our new daughter has put the purchase of a video ipod on hold. I think it would be an invaluable tool for any student and a great toy for all adult teachers. I would love to put podcasts on the net for my advanced life science class. I think they would really dig it!


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