Request for help…..

I know there are many tech savy people out there that read this blog from time to time.  So this post is a shameless request for advice.  If you follow this blog you have read that my building is under construction.  Our computer labs are not up and running at this point and I probably have 8 more weeks until they are functional.  So one thing I am looking at doing is to make available chapter summary podcasts.  It will allow me to add some technology usage without needing a computer lab.  Now I am not experienced in the area of podcasting so I am asking for any expereince, programs, advice etc…..on how to upload audio files and make them availabe for my students.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Feel free to post a comment or email me directly at

On a side note…..without computer labs readily available this semester it becomes clearer every day that eduation can still take place without computers, lcd projectors and the like.  I believe that the educational process has much less to do with technology than it does good families, motivated students, excellent teachers and supportive administrations.  In my 14 years of public school teaching I can say that my experiences show that the best students typically come from strong families.  Now that does not mean specifically a two biological parent household.  I have seen many incredible students from single parent households but a parent(s) supportive of education is vital to a students success.  Motivated students also are important.  Expecting the best from students is sometimes the only thing that a teacher needs to do to encourage them.  Accept nothing less than the best from students and they will exceed their own expectations and probably the teacher’s as well.  Enough philosophizing for Labor Day morning!  Remember The American Worker today.  The ones who built this country into the great place it is.  I will remember them!  To my Paternal Grandfather for working for Ford for most of his life…..Thanks!  To my Maternal Grandfather….for starting off being an old fashioned milk man and working his way up the ladder to manage production…..thanks.  And my Maternal Step Grandfather (who was really never a step grandparent in my mind) thanks for working for Allisons (GM).  The American Worker is what today is all about and I thank my three grandfathers for helping make America GREAT!


One response to “Request for help…..

  1. Audacity – to record your podcasts. (Make sure you also download the mp3 encoder)

    Gcast – – to store your podcasts.

    Both are free and pretty easy to use.

    Some tutorials –
    Learning in Hand –

    A Podcast about podcasting –

    Hope these help. Students can be really engaged in podcasting.

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