2 Weeks in….

It is two weeks in to the new school year and I am now adjusting to the new activites.  I became department chair this year.  My long time mentor taught his last class in May.  He is now filling his time with important things like travel and football games.  I certainly would not be the teacher I am today without the help of Steve Tuttle.   He is a good friend and a great teacher.  Another point about Steve is, as department chair, he was very supportive of the idea of games in the classroom.  When I first met the people from Muzzy Lane, Steve was with me and encouraged me to work with them.  His support was instramental to my success.

The Sims, Sociology, and blogs.  My building is under construction.  The computer labs are well……bomb shelters at this point.  My access to computers is very limited.  So at this point I am not starting blogs with my Sociology students.  Which is a little frustrating because this group of kids I do think would respond very well to it.  Also, playing The Sims has been put on hold for now.  I have 24 students…..at least 10 more than I did last year and only one copy of The Sims.  But even more important……my classroom will be getting a networked LCD projector at some point this semester but as for now I just have wires hanging from the ceiling.  So 24 kids huddled around a laptop just doesn’t work out to well. 

By the time WWII rolls around in World History all the construction should be done so I will have all the technology needed for that unit.  But a new variable that I will have is that for the last 13 years I have been the only world history teacher in the building.  So playing Making History has been simple…..no one to share the lab with or no students getting left out of the Making History experience.  But this year is different.  There are now 2 classes around 56 students that have another teacher for world history.  Will they miss the experience?  I don’t know if the new teacher will want to use the game or not with his kids.  It could set up some interesting social dynamics.  We will have to wait and see.

And finally for 4AM this morning, why am I up so early??????  Well, could be because it is game day.  We play the Elwood Panthers at 7PM tonight.  We have started the year with 2 wins and we look to continue that success tonight.  Elwood probably has the best running back we will face all year so that brings challenges for us to overcome…..which is what football is all about.  Stay tuned for the results.


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