Summer Update and Ackerman Colloquium

Well it has been sometime since I have posted on this blog.  I have been taking it pretty easy this summer to this point.  With the exception of spending time with my family I have done very little educationally.  But now as mid July is here it is time for me to start focusing on the task at hand. 

In just over a week I will be presenting a paper with Sarah Grafman from Muzzy Lane at the James F. Ackerman Colloquium on Technology and Citizen Education.  The focus of the Colloquium is Civics.  As Sarah and I have prepared for the presentation we have been exploring how games can impact students in the area of civics.  Can games make students better citizens?  Can games encourage students to excel and be productive memebers of society?  Can games encourage students to reach a higher level of success in society?  Those are the types of questions we have been exploring.  Our answers are obviously positive.  As we finish our work I will post updates with a slide deck.


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