District Administration Article

This link will take you to District Administration which recently had an article about edugames.  A large segment talks about my use of Making History but the article also has other games and teachers in it.



One response to “District Administration Article

  1. LaTricia Phillips

    I am an undergraduate student at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. Currently, I have been awarded to participate in the McNair Scholarship Program this summer to conduct research in preparation for graduate school. I am a Creative Writing major who loves to play video games, so I wanted to study video games as an actual text– genre, narrative, setting, etc. To narrow my choices, I began to focus my research on Serious Games rather than commercial games. The purpose of my research is to find the best method for the deliverance of educational curriculum, such that video games can combine with the educational text to constitute an environment that will appeal and actually teach students of all ages.

    I am extremely excited that you have experimented with using video games within a classroom. I contacted the local schools districts here, and the only “game” that has been used is a program called FastForword in one high school for 9th graders. For the most part, I want to congratulate you for taking the initiative to try something new and the success you have received thus far.

    Now for me . . . I have ordered Making History to test the game myself. My question/ concern for you is that how should I play the game? I know that you walk the students through the process, but are there particular questions you ask the students during game play to help guide them? Or do you hand out assignments for the students to answer while playing the game, etc?

    If possible, I would love to talk to you about your theories of using video games as, if appropriate to say, a text. Any information would be great, and I appreciate your time.


    *I’m a huge Sims fanatic- great idea!

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