End of the School Year…

The end of the year is fast approaching and it is time to reflect on how things have gone.  First, I can not believe the attention that keeps coming about my use of games in the classroom.  The media attention, including the CBS News story has brought increased activity to this blog and attention to gaming in the classroom.  Through all of it I have yet to really hear the criticism that some say comes with it.  Hannah Storm asked Daniel Sieberg in the CBS story the standard question of concern…..something like parents try to keep their kids from playing too much should we encourage this at school?  Well of course the answer is yes.  It is with great pleasure that I have watched the interest in gaming grow, the attitude become more receptive, and the number of choices for teachers growing.  I even have people sending me their games now to preview and comment on which I have enjoyed doing.  Nothing beats the joy of getting a gift in the mail…..then opening it up….and its a game!  So as May is almost here, I am asking myself, “how have I done this year?”  First, Making History as always was great for me and my classroom and my students.  Of course having CBS in the room brought a whole new level of excitment.  Since I did have to adjust my timing of using Making History I did not do some of the pre game activites that I  have done previously.  But I think the trade off was ok.  The Sims.  My self review on this one is mixed.  My first semester class really clicked well with playing The Sims.  My second semester class has not.  Nobody’s fault really but it was just more difficult to get my current students actively involved in the process.  Of course I have  serveral students in that class that find it hard to get actively involved in anything that relates to school……even a game. Blogging…..has gone very well.  First semester my students blogged about The Sims and other Sociology activites.  Second semester they have blogged about Sociology.  Most have enjoyed the blogs and done well with them.  But some of the second semester kids show the same lathargic attitude about school and it has shown in The Sims and their blogs.  So another school year is almost in the books and I will have a whole new set of kids next year.  Blogs, The Sims, Making History and what will I add…..maybe podcasting?  Who knows.  I will find something to add to my tools of the trade…..why…..because that is what teachers do.


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