CBS Story Has Aired!!

Patience is a virture but it finally paid off.  CBS aired the story about Oak Hill and the use of Making History in my classroom this past week.  There is a little story behind the entire thing.  To save all the details the short of it is that the CBS Evening News had a shake up in the higher levels.  It was broadcast that that their ratings have been poor.  So CBS went with a new executive producer.  When that happend the Oak Hill story was put on the back burner for a while and from info that I have heard ran the risk of not being aired at all.  Eventually, things were settled and the story aired on the CBS Early Show in the morning.  So instead of Katie Couric…..we got Hannah Storm.

For all who followed this blog and waited for information about when it was going to run I apologize for what has happened.  I was on vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama for the week and would have missed it as well if a friend from Muzzy Lane did not have my cell number.  I was on the bow of a boat, chasing dolphins, listening to Jimmy Buffett, and having a cold drink when my phone rang and Pete gave me the news.  So if you missed the story you can follow the link below to CBS and watch the video.  I might be a little biased but I think the story turned out great!


4 responses to “CBS Story Has Aired!!

  1. David,

    Congratulations on the recognition…the piece turned out great. You and your students should be proud of the example you are setting for other classrooms around the world.

    Brian Grenier

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  3. Dave,

    Congrats on the great story! I plan on using the video as a way to intro the concept of gaming in schools. I especially like how the video captures the excitement of your kids.

    We are experiencing the same kinds of excitement with our kids here in Kansas. Would love to talk with you more about the types of assessments and reflection pieces you use with both Making History and The Sims.

    Congrats again!

    Glenn Wiebe

  4. Wow! That’s awesome!! I was excited when my Dad sent me the link. I didn’t want to comment on your blog until you mentioned that it was finally out in the public. I wish my teachers took advantage of stuff like that– I guess one of many things I’ll see in my life that wasn’t there when I could have used them.

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