More thoughts on Making History

As I have read more of the student essays I have found more interesting thoughts I wanted to share.  But before I do that let me plug this game a little.  I know this will sound like a commercial but consider this a word of advice from one teacher to another.   This game is fun and it works.  Time and time again kids have told me how fun this game is to play.  They want to know if they can buy it, how much it cost etc……We used our Computer Aided Drafting lab to play the game.  So the game is accessable on those computers still today.  I had to ask our tech guy to remove it due to the fact that kids were going to CAD and neglecting their CAD work and playing Making History.  That is a compliment to the game and the fun and engagement that it brings to the classroom. 

One question we deal with in our essays is ” Was WWII inevitable?”  The answers are a resounding yes.  Most of my students feel WWII was going to happen reguardless of the actions taken at the Munich Conference.  They feel in the U.K. and France would have stood up to Hitler early that the outcome of the struggle would have been the same.  Hitler was not going to stop. 

Justin sums it up this way “I learned that the war was inevitable and nothing you did could have stopped it.”  Very simple but his point comes across very clear.  I don’t know if the pundits of WWII history could have said it better.

And I loved this one from Lindsay, “I learned that running a country is very hard.  You have to keep everyones needs in mind and do what’s best for the people-not for you.  You have to be a social person and be ridiculously smart!”  That is awesome.


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