Daily Archives: January 19, 2007

Reflections on Making History Game Play

Our game play is done and the best way for me to assess how I did teaching this unit is to have them write about it.  Let me share some quotes from essays the students have been writing.

Nate says:  “I recieved a higher understanding of politics and diplomacy.  It taught me how hard it was for coutnries to avoid war in 1938. I learned how important governments are and how many tasks they have to attend to.”

Lauren says: “I learned that one wrong decision can determine the outcome of your life.  It all lies in the leaders hands.  I also learned that every decision you make is vital to your country and its economy.  It is also very hard to please every single country, without turnig you back on another.”

Jacob says:  “The Munich Conference was when the U.K., Italy, Germany, and France (not Czech. and Russia) met in Germany and decided to let Germany take the Sudetenland from the Czechs.  They wanted to appease Hitler so he would stop being so aggressive………..it didn’t work.”

I have around 140 of these types of essays some are outstanding, most are good, and some are stinkers.  But every time I have used Making History I have students write and every year I am impressed at the thoughtfullness that comes out in their work. 

I will try to post some pics later today from our day with CBS.  Our high school yearbook came and snapped a couple of pics that they are going to share with me.