Making History Day #2 and CBS in my room.


 What an incredible day.  CBS Evening News was in my classroom today to film my classes playing Making History and it was FANTASTIC.  The entire day was perfect.  No tech problems, kids were not freaked out by the camera, and the life and energy in the classroom was fabulous.  CBS filmed two of my classes during game play and then did some interviews with students.  After that they interviewed me and then I got to “teach” Daniel Sieberg, the reporter from CBS, how to play Making History.  That was great fun and I hope they use that in the story.  But the best aspect to the entire day is that everyone got to see why I am so excited about using games in the classroom.  I hope that comes through in the story.  The energy that the game brings is what I desire and I think that will show.  I do not know when the story is going to air on CBS but I will post that information when I have it.

The local media was also there for the event.  Stories are supposed to run the Marion Chronicle and the Peru Tribune on Thursday.  I also did an interview with the local radio and that story should run all day tomorrow as well.  I will post the links here when they run. 

That is about all for now.  I am going to eat the pizza I ordered and sit back with my kids and relax for a while……..and then go to school tomorrow and play the game with my students……


3 responses to “Making History Day #2 and CBS in my room.

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  2. You must be very excited. It sure makes up for the horrilbe end to your football season. WE are very proud of you! Great job! Are you bummin’ you didnt get to met Katie? 🙂

  3. Hi Dave,

    Glad you are still stoked about Making History and that the media is taking an interest. I’m looking forward to seeing the news report!

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