Making History Day #1 and CBS Tomorrow

Today was the first day of game play for my classes and I have to say that it was a blast….but I am also flat out tired.  I have said this to people before about playing computer games in the classroom but I feel it needs repeating.  The fun that this tool brings to my classroom is hard to explain.  Kids are excited and having fun.  They are ready to learn and desire information that will help them “win.”  The teachable moments are countless….but at the end of the day I am tired. (gaming is not a babysitting tool) I have answered 1000 questions today.  That really can’t be much of a stretch.  I have run around the lab helping the lost.  I have engaged in teaching to a level that is not normal on an “old school” day.  Tired yes, refreshed with education…yes, looking forward to CBS coming to my class tomorrow…….yes. 


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