Making History and CBS Evening News

I thought it was time for me to officially release this exciting information.  Just prior to Christmas Break I was contacted by CBS Evening News about doing a story about my classes playing Making History.  Taigi Smith is the producer who contacted me.  She has been fantastic to work with.  Daniel Sieberg formally from CNN and now with CBS is the reporter.  He read the story that appeared on the serious game source web site.  Needless to say, I am excited about CBS News coming to my classroom.  What a great opportunity for my students, my school and for gaming in the classroom.  Over the past 7 or 8 school days I have been cramming WWI and the pre WWII years in trying to get ready for CBS.  Monday I will intro the game with my students.  They know what is going on but have yet to actually see the game.  I will also tie up some loose ends with the pre war years.  The crash of the stock market, inflation, and fascism are ideas that are worthy of much classroom discussion and I don’t feel like I have given them their due justice at this point.  Anyway, Tuesday will be game session #1.  Wednesday will be game session #2 and CBS will be their to film the entire experience.  Thursday will be game session #3 and the end of our gaming for the time being. 

With the excitement of CBS coming to Oak Hill High School the local media has picked up on the story.  There has been some incorrect information that has come out.  So let me clear some things up…….  1.  Katie Couric is NOT coming to Oak Hill.  Let me repeat that, Katie Couric is NOT NOT NOT NOT coming to Oak Hill.  2.  CBS Evening News will be at Oak Hill on January 17th.  3.  The story will NOT NOT NOT be broadcast on the 17th.  4.  Dave McDivitt(me) teaches at Oak Hill High School not some other school mentioned on radio reports.

That is it for now.  I will post later in the week about the experience.  I am sure it will be a crazy day at Oak Hill but one I am certainly looking forward to.


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    I’ve read the blogs for gaming in education and am curious if you are aware of research blogs.


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