Ranting about “intelligent people”

This post has nothing to do with technology but it does deal with education. 

One of my best friends who lives on the north side of Indianapolis gives me a call last night.  He explains to me that he was invited to speak at his 3rd grade daughter’s class.  The class was doing a career type day where many parents came in to speak to the kids.  I think most of us can imagine the setting with proud little kids smiling at their moms and dads while they talk about their jobs.  My friend gets done with his talk and moves to the back of the room.  At that point another father takes the stand.  He starts by telling the kids how he has his own lawn care business.  However, he soon deviates from what he has been asked to talk about and pulls up a power point slide of “Gulf Wars” that has President Bush, Condi Rice, Donald Rumsfield and others in a mock “Star Wars” type poster.  Now the father explains his opinions on the war etc……..Hey, ….you were asked to speak about your career which apparently you are not concerned with.  3rd grade guest speaker does not give you the right to spead your views of the war.  I don’t really care if you like the war or hate it.  Your opinion is fine…..just stick to the topic at hand, the topic you were invited to cover, and leave the politics out of it.  What are some people thinking?


One response to “Ranting about “intelligent people”

  1. I think you should have chosen a word other than “intelligent” for this title, Dave. It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to know that was inappropriate.

    I’m having fun on your blog… I never quite understood them until now. I feel like I’m reading your personal diary or something, though!

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