Teachable Moment

As I mentioned in a previous post I attended the NCSS Convention in Washington D.C.  During my time there I visited the Holocaust Museum.  It was a memorable experience.  While there I picked up an Indentification Card of a person that was captured and imprisoned during the Holocaust.  The young lady’s card that I picked up was Eva Miodecka from Lipsko, Poland.  She was fortunate enough to survive.  Last week I took the ID card into my classes and shared the story of Eva and my experience at the museum.  Most of my classes were very interested and asked many questions.  One question I did get was “does this stuff still happen today?”  Good question…..my response was obviously yes and I thought of Darfur in Africa.  So in our discussions I mentioned it and some of the atrocities going on there.  The conversation ended and we went on with our typical routine for the day.  The next day, a young lady from one of my classes came up and wanted to talk.  She had been doing some research about Darfur and was troubled by what she had learned.  She was compelled to write a letter to our President.  We chatted for a few minutes about what and how she should go about it.  I encouraged her to write a letter and not an email.  I also gave her some basic advice as to what to include in the letter.  At the end of the day while driving home I thought what a good day.  I don’t know how my lessons went….but I helped a girl think deeply about mankind….about what she could do to make it better, and get involved by writting her President.  Could there be a better day for a social studies teacher? 


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