NCSS in Washington D.C.

Two years ago I attended my first National Council for Social Studies convention.  While in Baltimore I met Nick deKanter from Muzzy Lane in the Exhibition Hall.  My relationship with Muzzy Lane since that day has been fantastic.  I love their game and every person from ML that I have met, spoken with, or emailed has been great.  So what a positive take a way from Baltimore.  Today I am heading to D.C. to attend this years convention.  I can only hope that I will find something as great as Making History and Muzzy Lane to use in my classroom.  There will be an abundance of great social studies teachers presenting and I always want to learn from the best.  So what an outstanding opportunity I have over the next couple of days.  Of course I will take some time to visit some sites in DC as well.  I can’t pass up a trip to the Holocaust Museum, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Wall and others.  I will attempt to post while I am there about the conference and my “tourism” of this great nations capitol.


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