Cheating on The Sims

This week is a short week for all public schools in the United States.  Our Thanksgiving Break starts at the end of the school day on Wednesday.  Thanksgiving is the best holiday in America.  It is simple…….food…….football………and family.   What could be any better?  I love Christmas but the commercialization of the Christmas is a real drawback but hey we are America and we overdo everything……and I really do mean everything!  But I digress….

Yesterday in Sociology I finally said ok to using cheats in the game.  My students only wanted to use the Rosebud cheat which gives you $1000 bucks each time you hit return.  So we accumulated quite a fortune in a very short period of time.  So we spent most of the period renovating our small one bedroom home.  We more than doubled the square footage, added a television viewing room with 3 plasmas hanging next to each other.  We bought a bar, pool table, hot tub, put in the most expensive toilets, lights etc.  It was actually a blast.  The energy that my students had initially about playing The Sims returned.  Everyone was talking about what to do and what we should buy next, or even what type of carpet we should put down in the new addition.  All of this lead us to a blogging assignment which you can find if you click on Oak Hill Sociology in the blog roll.  It is interesting to read what kids wrote and overall we had a blast!


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