Status of The Sims and Other Items

Football is over….and my mind and body has returned to focus on education and the use of technology. 

The Sims and my classroom:  One factor to consider here is my building is under rennovation.  The hallways look like a war zone.  Ceiling tiles are gone, nail guns fire, circular saws ring, and education is still taking place.  Although somewhat of a new experience.  My Sociology class has continued to play The Sims.  Probably with a little less frequency than we did at the beginning of the year.  Also, my students blogs have suffered a bit.  I have not given a blog assignment in several weeks.  That is due to change here soon though.  I have actually had students ask “Mr. McDivitt when do we get to blog again?”  Maybe because they like it?  Maybe because when we blog I have to leave them alone for a while?  Who really knows what goes on in a 17 year old head anyway.  What I am working on is a large project for my class where everthing that we have covered in the classroom via the textbook will need to be applied to The Sims.  This backward thinking in the assignment is intentional.  I know I should be making students apply things observed in The Sims to Sociology…..but that is traditional school work.  Making student work the opposite direction…..actually teaches the same things….but it lets the student think more about the game and hopefully they will be more interested in the assignment.

Making History:  Muzzy Lane announced a partnership with a company whose name escapes me at the moment.  But the agreement will help Making History be markerted in the real world.  Muzzy Lane will continue to be in control of the educational world.  Their new product is not available yet but I am certain its release will be before my classes play in the Spring.  Also, later today I plan on posting some comments that my former students gave to a reporter this week about the experience of playing Making History.  What I find most interesting is that three of the four students that gave comments played the game as sophomores and are currently seniors.  To hear what they remembered about playing a computer game 2 years ago was somewhat surprising.  I will post those comments this afternoon as time makes itself available.


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