Quotes from former students about Making History

Four of my former history students gave quotes to a reporter that is gathering information to write an article about Making History.  I thought the quotes were awesome.  Each students answer is copied directly below:


The game gave you a very good idea of what it was like to be in control of an entire nation and have to deal with all of it’s problems. The game I felt is was a learning experience that was more than just what you get told in class, you actually get to play a part in what really happened so long ago.  The game was very realistic and threw many challenges towards you like trying to keep your people happy along with accomplishing goals that are historically relevant.

Making History taught me that it isn’t easy to make major decisions that could change how other nations look at you. The game shows students exactly how and why World War II started and how it was inevitable.

I feel the game was a fun way to explore history in the making. It was fun to be able to step into major leader’s shoes and take a stab at doing better in crisis than they did.  It’s one thing to learn about World War II, but it’s a whole other thing to actually try to fix it.


I enjoyed playing the computer game Making History very much. It added a fun new twist to learning about World War II. It was a refreshing to take a break from the textbook for a couple weeks to play this game. I thought it was excited to take control of an entire country and make every important decision regarding that country’s diplomacy, economy, and military.  I also think the game helped some people who would have otherwise not cared about history at all to learn about this time period.


The game brought to life a very real part of history. It made it easier to understand the controversy of power and alliances. I remember everyone wanting to either join up or turn against Germany, because of the realization that they came very close to world domination and so it kinda gives the impression they are stronger. The game does a great job of depicting how easy it is to send an order and having to face whatever the outcome turns out to be.


Making History is an outstanding P.C. game.  Even though I am a girl I still very much enjoyed playing it. My favorite part about the game was being able to interact with the other countries.  One could send them treaties, threaten them and even declare war.  I learned that one cannot always try to be the strongest and best country because other countries would become angry and have their allies side with them and declare war on you.  I would love to have this game available for home use.

Pretty good stuff.  Especially when 3 of the 4 played the game two school years ago.  The Muzzy Lane people have got to love that, because as their teacher……..hearing their words……made me feel like I accomplished a little something;-)


2 responses to “Quotes from former students about Making History

  1. Man, this is great David. You know, I am really focused on COTS titles, and after really paying attention to your success with Muzzy Lane, I think they may have hit the nail on the head.

    A good game with deep learning strands. I wonder if this sort of thing is reproducible?

    Keep up the great work!



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