Henry Jenkins Interview

This link was sent to me (thanks Chris) and is a good read.  Professor Jenkins is on staff at MIT and a supporter of serious games.

On other fronts–my students have posted a second time on their individual blogs.  So you may want to take a look at that.

Also, I have had the opportunity to play the latest version of Making Histoy from Muzzy Lane.  I haven’t had a tremendous amount of time to play but let me sum it up by saying this:  the game was good…….now it is awesome!  If you teach US History, World History, World Geography, or US Government do yourself a favor and check out this game.  It is fantastic and worth the purchase!

Football:  Most of you may not care–but I do so here goes.  After last weeks HUGE win for the Golden Eagles of Oak Hill we have moved up in the Coach’s Football Poll to #5 in the state in class 2A.  We stand at 4-0 with another huge game this Friday against the Mississenwa Indians.  They are one of the three other county schools that we play so it should be an exciting game. 

Football Update:  Another win–makes us 5-0.  We beat Mississinewa 35-27 last night.


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