The Sims and progress

Today is another Sims playing day in Sociology.  When I decided to use the game I was hoping that kids would enjoy it.  I think that is true.  Most of my class seems to enjoy playing the game and laughing about some of the things that have happened in the game.  As for the success level of kids making connections between the game and Sociology…..well the jury is still out.  Some of you have read their blogs and some have even left comments for them which is fantastic.  Also, the blogging process has creating some communication between me and students that may not have happened without them.  I have left comments for them and they have started to respond to my comments which is great.  I will continue to monitor their progress and keep posting here as to how and what we are doing.

Football update:  tonight we play Eastbrook.  They are ranked 4th in the state of Indiana in class 2A.  We are ranked 10th in class 2A.  It should be a great game. I will update the results tomorrow.

It is officially tomorrow:  Oak Hill 21 Eastbrook 14  A great high school football game.


3 responses to “The Sims and progress

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  2. Mr. Mcdivvit… i did my blog … will u please grade it so the thing on the OH website will stop saying im missing an assignment, please N thanx 😀

  3. thanx Mr. Mcdivitt.. my dad was trying to be mean yesterday and said ” i like ur gardes” but they’d be even better if uc ould raise that C.. so i printed my grades out and im gona rub it in his face.. and I WIN… and i can say i told u so 😀 its not an arguementive thing its more of a CoMpEtItIvE thing its kinda like a game, its part of our CuLtUrE

    (vocab used)

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