Sociology–lesson plan outline

Now that I am getting back into the routine of school, football, fatherhood, and husbandhood I thought I would share how I am running my sociology class.  It seems to have a level of interest that I didn’t really expect.  So here goes.  I approach the week like this:  The week starts on Friday….with playing The Sims.  This Friday we will actually begin to play with the students in charge of what is going on in the game.  Then on Monday I will direct them to a portion of the textbook that has some level of relevance to The Sims.  On Monday we also will post to our blogs….time and access permitting.  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will be in our “traditional” classroom covering the material I have asked them to blog about.  I certainly have had excitement with the game and the blogs…….success…..well I don’t know yet.  All of you can read their blogs to see what they are up to.  The first week posting was not the best but I spent most of the period trying to get a few tech “un”savy kids to understand the process.  However, our in class discussion were decent because kids had a good understanding of sociology terms of Status and Role.

Do understand that I am trying new things here everyday.  I always accept input, ideas, and constructive criticisms.  Don’t be afraid to comment or email me directly.  Many have already have.


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