First day with The Sims

Yesterday we hooked up the laptop and I demonstrated to my Sociology class how to play The Sims.  As I have found with computer games in the past the level of interest in the game was very high.  A few of my students who are not generally engaged in the traditional class were really into just watching The Sims on the screen.  In our playing of the game yesterday I showed them some of the fun stuff of The Sims.  I showed how you can have a Sims go to the bathroom.  They all laughed.  I showed how you can not flush the toilet and then the next person that comes in the use the bathroom comments on the “gift” that was left.  I was controlling a male Sims and I was trying to get a date.  So we were chatting with all the women we could and asking for dates.  The poor Sims fella kept getting turned down.  But what was really fun was watching my students who haven’t been into Sociology yet kind of get into the game.  I had one student who has not said a word in class talk to me and say how cool he thought it was that we were going to use the game.  Don’t worry educators….if you know the game… relates.  I walked through the text book with my kids and showed them how stuff in the Sims directly relates to about 9 chapters in my textbook.  Next week we will get our first official blog posting.  I am looking forward to that. 

Football update:  Oak Hill Golden Eagles 14  Southwood Knights Off to a 2-0 start.  Just what we wanted! 


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