Blogging in Sociology

Today was our third day of school with students and I hit the computer lab with my Sociology class.  We set up blogs on wordpress.  I had all students set up their own individual blog instead on having a blog for our class that they can all contribute to.  I will be helping a few kids with some of the details but as most of us would think all I had to do today was get them to wordpress and they took off from there. 

Before setting up the blogs I sat down with my building principal who has been very supportive of my use of technology in the classroom.  In our conversation I told him about my blog idea.  We agreed to do several things to safeguard kids as much as possible.  Individual blog names of my students will not be their names.  For example a blog name will not be called “Dave McDivitt” like mine is.  I told them to use things like “sunshine189” or whatever was relevant to them.  No kid protested this minor safeguard.  Kids were also instructed to “uncheck” the option of their blog appearing in search engines.  Also another safeguard that no kid protested. 

One item I have yet to decide on is:  do I allow IM language in student posts without penalty to their grade?  This is a tough question.  I want kids to write freely when we start posting and kids are comfortable with the IM and Text Messaging language.  But this is school and I need to prepare them to write in proper English and use correct grammar.  I may tell them any post about playing The Sims can be in their lingo.  Any post not relating directly to The Sims should be done in correct form.  Anybody have any thoughts? 

Once we get all the blogs up and going we will build blogrolls of all our classmates.  Me included.  I am going to set one up for my sociology class and keep it seperate from this blog. 

Football update:  The Eastern High School Comets travel to Oak Hill to play the Golden Eagles on Friday.  Kick Off is 7PM.  I love football.

RESULTS:  The Oak Hill Golden Eagles 52 The Eastern Comets 0


One response to “Blogging in Sociology

  1. I wish I could cite the source, but I actually saw a study (of college students) that suggested they use a more sophisticated grammar and vocabulary in IM than they do in normal speech… despite IM spelling. As a former I’m not opposed to IM speak (my linguistics classes more than convinced me that there are equally valid spelling and grammar rules at work there), but I also recognize that students need to be able to write in multiple styles. Formal (academic) writing is one of them. So I wouldn’t sweat a little IM speak, and certainly wouldn’t punish it… but I would definitely make sure they have a chance to write more formally, too. In fact, you might share this post of yours (and perhaps even my comment) with them.

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