Post about DOPA

Here is a good post about DOPA.  What will this mean for my plans of blogging in Sociology?  It certainly wouldn’t be like our government to over regulate something most of them don’t understand.  My school has already blocked access to sites like myspace and facebook.  Good or bad……you make the call.


One response to “Post about DOPA

  1. I think its bad they block myspace its the only way i could talk to people back at home…..I move alot and its hard to get a libaray where im at its bull…….They should let us get on it after we finish all of our school work……They even block my old school web site where i cant talk to them its lame if we wasnt in school we would still get on it at home or somewhere eles and i’m 17 i think i’m old enough to know what not to say on myspace..and what danger it could bring but i just want it so i could keep in touch with people back at home…..

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