New Look—-New Categories

I started this blog back in March and I am tired of looking at that moon.  WordPress has got many styles to pick from so here is my new look for now.  Of course I will get tired of it after 6 months and change it again.  Also, I put a couple of new categories up tonight.  I put one for all the post that deal with my use of Making History in my class.  Including all the testing and articles that have since come out about the entire situation.  Since those posts are the reason that I started this blog I wanted to group them all together.  Also, since I have spent the summer “investigating” 😉 the use of Civ and The Sims in my class for the upcoming year I also grouped comments about other COTS for easy access.  It is awesome that I buy The Sims and play for hours all while telling my wife I am working on school prep while “learning” the game.  Too bad she reads my blog…….I will end up in trouble for that one. 


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