The Sims — Initial Thoughts

Last night I went and purchased “The Complete Sims.”  I didn’t get it loaded and ready for play until today.  And my gaming time has been cut into by 1.  my golf game–shot an 89 today (I can’t chip to save my life). and 2. my honey do list.  OK that is not entirely fair.  My honey do list contained mostly things I had been putting off for some reason or another.  Cleaning the garage, changing flood lamps etc. outside, picking up a side of beef we ordered from a local farmer etc.  All of that on top of my youngest daughter has some virus that has her fairly grouchy to say the least.

So here is where I stand right now on The Sims.  I ran through the tutorial, which was very good by the way and then I played for another hour on top of that.  After just this initial phase I have learned some things.  First, this game can be quite a challenge and second, it is fun.  Both of these lead me to my thoughts about using it in Sociology.  If you have been following my blog you may recall that my sociology class for the fall has 25 kids in it.   The variety of kids in that class is amazing.  Kids at the top of their class in standing and kids at the bottom.  Lots of kids have been identified with some learning disability.  So my idea is for my class to “adopt” a Sims family and run their lives.  Then I will have kids blog about how family, religion, love, comfort etc…relate in The Sims and of course in real life.  Now…….do I think The Sims will work for this descirbed situation.  The answers is emphatically hell ya!  After one hour of game play I am fired up about using this in Sociology.  This is a COTS game that I can use and use effectively.  The role play is engaging but the game doesn’t draw me in like Civ to the level that I feel like I have to finish or complete a game.  I can’t walk away from Civ without thinking about when I am going to blow up the next empire.  I think The Sims will engage but since there is no real “winner” other than doing a good job of managing lives I and students will be more content of a little game play each week. 

After I play a few more hours, which will probably happen tonight, I will give more of my thoughts on The Sims.


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