Thoughts on the upcoming year

Here are my initial plans for games and technology for the upcoming school year.  First I have to say that my building is under renovation this year, so all plans are only penciled in.  I can not know for certain that our internet connection will be up on an individual day.

I.  Use of Google Earth.  I am learning more and more everyday about Google Earth.  But as a World History teacher the power of this application has tremendous upside.  As I find layovers I get more and more excited.

II. Use of Making History.  I will be going with my third round of Making History in my classroom.  I am certainly hoping to do more testing this year.  Hopefully I can be a bit more organized and provide more results.  Also, I am mulling over the use of MH in my Sociology class.  I am thinking about using it with the focus being on the difficulties of leadership and the cause/effect that decisions have on society.  I certainly can make that work.

III.  Blogging.  Especially with my Sociology class.  I am thinking about making this a regular feature in my room.  Possibly requiring students to post on a specific topic per week of class.  Maybe doing one post during classtime and one as homework, needing to be completed in a weeks time period.

IV.  The Sims.  I am still up in the air on this one.  Especially since I have such a large class in Sociology.  However, as I learn The Sims I am thinking that my Sociology class can adopt a Sims family and we can play as a class.  Then of course students will have to blog about the effects of religion, love etc….on an individuals life.  I would be farther along on this venture but I have a good friend who just bought Civ IV and we have been playing and discussing a game starting tonight via IP connections.  As soon as I learn to split the atom I will have to blow the ^*(&%^^$*&())(_^%%() out of him!!!!!

Those are my thoughts and plans at this point.  I will have a busy year.  Football starts in one week.  I have 158 total students through out each school day this year.  And of course my three young daughters and beautiful wife to keep happy.  Also, one final thought for now.  I will be attending the Social Studies convention in D.C. this November.  If anyone is going to be there maybe we can meet up for a drink. 


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