The Sims

I posted earlier about my upcoming Sociology class with a diverse class in terms of academic success.  I have been talking to a few people about The Sims.  I have never played, but it sounds like it may be a game that I can integrate at some level in my Sociology class.  This post is really a request.  Anybody out there play The Sims?  Anybody think it is possible to put into a high school Sociology class?  I am looking for any information that you may have. 


One response to “The Sims

  1. I found this description to be particularly helpful on this topic: This instructor (college level) uses The Sims as well as Sim City and talks about their limitations as well as their basic value in helping students act as social theorists by examining the game parameters. I think this has great potential because students are already adept at interpreting winning game strategies for open-ended games and this translates directly into a discussion of the society’s values/priorities/etc.

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