Civilization IV Thoughts

Well, a few days ago I finished my first conquest in Civ IV.  I had to teach Frederick the Great that my fleet of stealth bombers were far superior to invading riflemen.  After a few turns into his weak attempt at an invasion he had the guts to ask me to end all the bloodshed….he made a sad mistake.  Anyway, Civ is incredibly fun to play.  I am not starting my next round for a few days yet.  I am going to be running around and won’t have much time on the computer for a week or so.  So instead of starting something and not being able to give it much time…I will just wait.

Civ in the classroom?  After spending some time in thought about this I am just not seeing how it will fit in a reasonable way.  Public schools are much to curriculum driven today.  Mine is.  If my course were an elective or a summer school course I could devote some serious time to Civ and justify it.  However, in my situation…..I just can’t.  I have read some of the material out there about Civ from Squire and others but it just doesn’t seem to work for me.  I am not encouraging anyone not to try Civ if you think you can make it work in your school.  I am just saying in my situation with all factors considered……it is just not right for my classroom. 

Serious Games are getting serious interest.  Search the web or my blogroll to see some of the things out there.  But if Serious Games makers want wide acceptance in the public school classroom they will need to make games more like Making History and less like Civ.  Games designed for the military, professional development, or training in the private sector all will run into less issues of time.  But the public school classroom curriculum is King.  And time does matter. If someone has differing thoughts on this please comment and we could have some dialogue about this topic. 


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