Final Exam Questions Continued

I am sitting here in my classroom.  It took me close to two weeks from the end of school to finally have the desire to come in here and work on this stuff.  For the first time in my 12 years of public education I was INCREDIBLY ready for the end of the school year.  On the last day of school, when I finally walked out of the building I didn’t really care if I ever walked back in.  Teacher burn out is real and I was there…..heck I still am there.   For anybody who doesn’t think that it is real you need to walk in the shoes of an educator for an entire school year, not one day or week but all year.  I heard it best described like this……..If you work in an office and you want to “zone out” for a few minutes….nothing happens, nobody says a word, nobody even knows.  In any school, a teacher can never zone out.  Never…..a teacher has to be mentally on…..all the time.  That can make the job arduous.

Ok, enough from my soap box.  Final Exam questions about the Munich Conference and the similarities between Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.  The stats did not change when adding in my two additional classes.  Roughly 60% of students got the questions about the Munich Conference and around 78% got the question comparing Germany and Russia. 

Next on my agenda is to make it to the store to buy Civ IV and learn it so I can possibly incorporate it into my curriculum next year.  Or maybe second semester next year.  Although I have to admit gaming in the classroom will be a bit more difficult next year.  I have my class rosters for next year and my classes are huge.  It will be difficult to game like I have with 29 in a class.  I am not even sure our lab has 29 computers but all of these hurdles can be overcome with a little creativity.  This job is never the same…it is always interesting.

I probably won’t be posting much over the summer.  I will put up links to articles I find that are of interest.  Maybe some thoughts about Civ after I get into it.  But overall, I am taking a mental break.  My mind only has a couple of nurons firing at this point and I think they will be better spent on golf, cheap cigars, and the four ladies in my life!  (my wife and three daughters)  Have a great summer!


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