Article About Games in the Muslim World

This article was on the front page of Yahoo this morning.  It is an interesting read.

I am also going to be at school today.  Mainly to work at our elementary football camp.  I love the energy of young kids.  They have a blast no matter what we throw at them.  Also, I will finally go and sit at my desk and compile some statistics about the remaining final exams and the post test questions that appeared on the final. 

Also, just a side note here.  I have found myself drawn to a little game on  The game is blueprint.  The game challenges the player to use the forces of motion and gravity to move a ball from it’s resting spot to hit a target on the screen.  It has been years since I have had physics but even I can see some application here.  Also, for a gamer who is much more into strategy instead of shoot and kill I think you can have some fun here.  There are a couple of the puzzles I have yet to figure out.  Which is starting to get highly frustrating… if anyone has some hints…….


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