Final Exam Questions

Today was a final exam day and after grading the first set of exams I have some more data to share.  First, I used the exact same multiple choice questions that I used from my post test.  They were inserted chronologically into my final exam.  Question 1:  What was the Munich Conference?  and Question 2:  What are the similarities between Nazi Germany and Communist Russia?  You can scroll down to earlier post if you want to see the questions and answer choices word for word.  67 exams have been graded at this point 60% of them got the question about the Munich Conference correct.  79% of the students got the question about Nazi Germany and Russia correct.  Conclusions:  retention rate is well above average.  Especially on question 2.  I was expecting a higher percent correct on question one, especially since they scored considerabaly higher on the post test.  I have two more sections yet to take the final.  I will post those numbers tomorrow afternoon.


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