Wired or Not-That is the Question

Today I ran into a fellow teacher that I don't chat with very often.  That is mainly due to logistics more than anything.  But as we were discussing that state of the world our discussions turned to the problems with teenagers today.  I said very little in this conversation and just listened and occasionally posed a question for consideration.  In the conversation things were said like "I hate those darn iPods."  and "I tell my kids don't come in here wired."  One question I did throw out there was "what if you could podcast a lesson about Shakespear?"  The response included "how do I know they will be listening to it?  Well, what makes you think that all of them are listening to you anyway?"  My friend did say that podcast and the like are probably in the future but right now they are bad, bad, bad!  I never did mention my computer gaming in the classroom.  I was getting the idea that I would have to defend myself and I was afraid that portion of our conversation would be long and arduous.  Defending myself is something on most days I love to do but it was 4:30 and a gloomy, rainy Monday and I didn't have it in me today.


One response to “Wired or Not-That is the Question

  1. Mr. McDivitt, I’m an OHHS grad with a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and I use my IPod to listen to literature (lately Marilynne Robinson and E.L. Doctorow) and a summary of the Times of London while doing chores or running. Without the Ipod I probably wouldn’t have time to “read” much beyond my immediate professional interests. I’m not sure how I’d feel about kids with Ipods in school–do we need more social isolation–, but they can certainly be edifying as well as entertaining. Don’t let the Luddites get you down.

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