Addiction to Gaming

Now that we have finished up playing and the tests have all been taken, my classes have settled back into the “normal” routine of education.  I will have to admit that the past two weeks have been a blast.  The fun comes from many areas but most importantly the level of engagement that I have had with most of my students over the past two weeks has been higher and more productive than normal.  Now that we are settling back into the classroom, and not the lab, I am seeing the same things from students that I did prior to game play.  One thing that almost all teachers struggle with, especially this time of year, is motivating the unmotivated.  The game brought out a level of fun and motivation that is difficult to acheive during the final weeks of school.  I also think that the statistics that I have posted show that not only did we have fun but students engaged in the educational process learn better.  This can be addicting. Students wanting to learn is addicting because not all have a strong desire.  But when they do, it makes teaching fun.


One response to “Addiction to Gaming

  1. Dave,
    We spoke via e-mail several weeks ago when I was writing my master’s paper on this very topic. Found my way here through Mark Wagner’s BLOG – so glad you are blogging! The stats are encouraging and the level of engagement enough to warm any educator’s heart. You are a trailblazer – keep it up! I shall continue to read with interest.


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